Top Tips for Moving Around Bangkok During Your Vacation

Bangkok is one of the largest and busiest cities around the world. Therefore, moving around the city can be a challenging thing for even the most seasoned travellers. However, with an icy bottle of water, cool heart, some patience, and forward planning, you will run across this town before you even realize. You will always long for the time to move out of the Bangkok city hotel and explore the area. Here are some of the tips that will see you through this busy city. You need a transport mode that will get you even to the best bar with a panoramic view of Bangkok if that is where you would like to visit.

bangkok city hotel

1.       Avoid Tuk-Tuk Scams

Tuk-tuks are three-wheeled motorized taxis that give travellers readily available and quick way of getting around the city of Bangkok. However, don’t allow the ’20 baht’ offer for the full day city tour tempt you. Some drivers will take you from one overprices and dull venue to another. They are in partnership with some malls and if you purchase something, they earn a nice commission. You can get better shopping and private dining Bangkok deals. Therefore, don’t allow yourself to get into a scam by hiring tuk-tuks for the whole day.

private dinner bangkok

2.       Use the Bangkok Skytrain and the Newly Opened Underground

The BTS Skytrain and subway network provide the fastest way to move around Bangkok. If you want to avoid the famous Bangkok traffic jams and get across the town in a hurry, this transport system will serve you well. You can take a taxi to the nearest station and board the Skytrain. You will have a guarantee of an air-conditioned ride. You can stay at a luxury serviced apartment Bangkok that is close to the station for easy access. You will share this ride with thousands of commuters and even if you don’t get a sit, it is better than staying in the long traffic jams. It is the best solution if you are getting late to get to a meeting room Bangkok.

3.       Chao Phraya Ferry Service

This is the other form of transport that you need to try while looking for the best stay in Bangkok. It is a great way to get a scenic journey across the town. The main river operates several ferry services and you can try out one of them as it winds its way through Bangkok. You can get a view of this from the sky bar hotel Bangkok. It is one of the stress-free and most relaxing ways to get around Bangkok. You will also view a terrific blend of new and old architecture as you pass by the humble wooden abodes and sweeping skyscrapers. There are several ferry-stops along the river and they are mapped on the Bangkok map. If you are not sure of the desired destination, the other commuters can advise you accordingly. You can even get one that will take you to the closest event space Bangkok if that you desire. Therefore, you will not get stuck when using the Chao Phraya Ferry service.

4.       Taxis

Even though taxis are cheap in Bangkok, you have to bear with the traffic as it moves quite slowly. The good thing about most taxis in Bangkok is that they are comfortable and reliable. To get across the down during the peak hours, make sure you leave from the service apartment Bangkok early enough. You will not go through the nightmare of sticking in the notorious traffic jams. Besides, get a taxi driver that uses a meter and not the ones who set a fixed fee. You don’t want an option that will cost you a lot of money. The taxi can get you anywhere in the city including at the doorstep of the best spa massage place in Bangkok.

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Kuala Lumpur: The Best Destination for Steak Houses in Malaysia

How would you like to spend your hard-earned money? Would you like to go somewhere you can have the best form of fun as a way of rewarding yourself? If yes, then where is this place you can spend some time either alone or with your loved one? Well, there are so many places where you can visit for some quality time and fun among them are the steak house in Kuala Lumpur.

If you are planning on visiting a place where you can have the best moment of your life, then you need to consider visiting Malaysia and more particularly Kuala Lumpur. There is so much for you in this country and city more precisely.

The Malaysian Steak Houses Are A Source of Attraction

The steak houses in Malaysia has for the longest time been one of the best tourist attractions in this city attracting people of all kinds from all over the world. If you are a big fan of the candle light dinner then these steak houses are the best place for you to visit.

You can book your sitting there and have your preferred candle light dinner enjoying the best wagyu beef in Kuala Lumpur which is a dish that is on high demand in the city. Other than the steak houses, we also have other places where you can still have the best moment of your life enjoying the best dinner.

romantic dinner kuala lumpur

There Are Top Western Restaurants in Malaysia

If you hail from the western countries then Malaysia got your covered as well. There are so many western restaurants in this country from where you can enjoy some fantastic moments. If you are wondering how you can find one then worry no more. It is very simple; all you need to is run a search on the top/best western restaurant in Malaysia.

Once you do this, you will get so many restaurants of the western origin where you can enjoy the best moments just like you would do in a steak house.  In the western restaurant, you can also come into contact with other people from your country if you are from the western world who will make your stay in this country more amazing.

Malaysia Offers the Best Places for Romantic Dinners

If you are a big fan of dining with a breathtaking view and you intend to visit Malaysia then you are on the right track. There are also other many places in this country where you can actually have the very best of these dinners as well. One of these places is the steak house which is one of the best places you need to pay a visit when you get to Malaysia.

romantic dinner in kl

Other than this, we also have many other places as well where you can convene to for the best romantic dinner. One thing about Kuala Lumpur the capital of Malaysia is that the country will never let you down. The steak houses, in particular, are some of the greatest features of the city which offers you an opportunity to have a rare form of fun enjoying the best dishes.

There Are So Many Candle Light Dinner Places in Malaysia

If you would fancy a candle light dinner moment in Malaysia then there are also places in this country where you can visit. The best place candle light dinner joints in Kuala Lumpur offers you the best opportunity to enjoy a candle light dinner in a way that you cannot do anywhere else.

romantic dining in kl

If you are looking for a place where you can visit the place with premium beef and enjoy the best moment of your life then you need to visit Malaysia. The country has so much started from the best steak houses to many other centres which make this country an incredible one.

Top Reasons why Bars offer Happy Hour Promotion in KL

best cafe in kl

Cocktail hours or happy hours is a great strategy to increase the sales of your restaurant or bar. It explains why there is an increase in happy hour promotion in Kuala Lumpur. Even during early evening hours or late afternoon when the consumption is low, happy hours will enormously increase the sales of your restaurant.

The strategy that restaurants take for the happy hour KL differ from one restaurant to another. Eateries come up with unique ways of keeping their guests satisfied and happy. It is the only way that the restaurant will be able to get return customers. Therefore, a special cheap beer promo hour will prove to be highly beneficial to the business. some of the reasons why restaurants choose happy hours in KL include;

 1. Promotional Products or New Arrivals

You can use happy hours to introduce your customers to promotional products or new arrivals. Having a relaxing place for coffee and tea in KL knows that the happy hours are the best time of the day to showcase its speciality and new products to customers. It helps any bar to increase its exposure amidst the competition. Once you introduce the new product to your target audience, they will take about it in the presence of their acquaintances. Therefore, it will bring your bar to the limelight and create great awareness about the quality of your product in the locality. Therefore, you will begin to receive an additional footfall because of the happy hour promotion.

nice cafe in KL

2. Boost Sales and Increase Your Profitability

Most bars in KL are visited by a younger group of consumers. These are people who are looking for food and drinks that come at an affordable price. Therefore, you will significantly increase your sales and profitability if you offer best buy alcohol packages in Kuala Lumpur. The profit per unit will be low but you will benefit from the economies of scale because of an increase in the number of bottles sold. You will benefit from the large number of customers that come in because of low prices. It explains why the trendiest brunch café in KL attaches a lot of value on the happy hour promotion.

3. Increase Customer Loyalty

The best happy hour in Kuala Lumpur also goes a long way in increasing customer loyalty.  All you need is a systematic happy hour program, and you will increase your customer loyalty. The tough competition in the market makes it very hard to find new customers. The happy hour promotion is a perfect strategy to attract new customers and retain old ones. It is one of the reasons why Italian restaurant near KLCC value the whole idea of happy hour. The promotion will help you to develop a lasting relationship with your esteemed clients while enjoying a nice dinner experience.

best cafe in kuala lumpur

4. Customer Acquisition

Best buy Malaysia happy hour is a great strategy to acquire new customers. Most people are looking for a place where they can get the best happy hour drinks. Since several restaurants in Kuala Lumpur are now running these promotions, you need to be creative and innovative on how you do it. It can bring in a large number of people who would never have known about your brand to come in as customers.

5. Brand awareness

When you visit an Italian restaurant in KL during attractive cocktail hours, you will help in building its brand awareness. Giving premium offers during slow hours is a perfect way to make the brand popular. You need to include something that will make customers want to visit your restaurant. During these hours, you should allow your guests to know about your prices and how they are different from others. It is one of the best ways to develop a strong brand amidst the tough competition.

The Things You Should Know Before You Do IVF Treatment In Malaysia

In this era, infertility is a very general phenomenon that happens on a couple, affecting around 4 in 10 couples. The invention of IVF treatment has totally revolutionized the chance of pregnancy.  More and more people are showing their positive view of this treatment.


There are many reasons that people to do IVF treatment,  for example, maybe the receiver is a single woman, or having any genetic disease that might cause them hard to get pregnant. If you are one of them, then you probably need to know about what is IVF treatment. Here are the things you should acknowledge before you do this treatment.

IVF requires time and work

The whole process of IVF can be time-consuming, from the sperm test to getting the embryo can probably take like 1 to 2 month. Before you get the treatment, you also need to consult for the advice from IVF specialist, you will need to pay a few times of the visit KL Fertility clinic.

Successful rate of IVF

The success rate of fertility treatment can be very dependable. There are a lot of factors that will directly or indirectly influence the result. One of the most common factors that will affect the IVF result is the age of the patient. The woman who age above 40 years old that does the IVF usually will have less chance in success.

The factor will affect the IVF result


Asides from bodyweight that can be indicated with Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator, the age of female also could be one of the factors. According to the report of best-authorized fertility centre Malaysia, the IVF success rate for a woman that using own egg was 48 per cent for a woman under age 35, and drop to only 3 per cent for a woman who is over age 42. This drastically dropping has shown that the success rate who woman who over age 42 usually is very less. IVF does not guarantee that you will get pregnant all time!

But it doesn’t mean that there is no hope if you are doing research well.  If your odds of achieving pregnancy through IVF is very low, then you can consider other options as well. What you need to do is identify your symptom before you get the treatment.

When you are deciding to look for a solution, then you might need to ask the advice from infertility treatment specialist. Of course, the IVF cost for consulting the expert also will be higher than a usual clinic.


Thre are many signs of symptom that happen on your body could be mean you need to make some adjustments due to disorder of woman hormone. For example, the sign of polycystic ovarian syndrome usually incorporates with skin break out or a focal weight of the body. PCOS is a very general metabolic issue for the above-average age ladies. It would be best if you got your health in check beforehand.

polycystic ovarian syndrome

Attribution of male sperm

Sometimes, the success rate of IVF also related to the attribution of male sperm. There are many male patients also having the problem of lacking in sperm, and most recommended advice to give is try to do a sperm test before the IVF.

The average sperm test cost in Malaysia usually is charged around Rm 100 to Rm 120, and the way of charging can depend on the type of clinic.  Male fertility test has become a very general test for a couple before they do the IVF.


What is endometriosis? It is a symptom that cause woman result in infertility and fail in conception.  If you want to identify whether you have this health issue, an ideal solution is to make an appointment with the endometriosis specialist.


Type of treatment

Instead of IVF, there are still many treatments offered in a fertility clinic. The most general treatment you can find in a fertility clinic is IUI treatment. The IUI cost usually will be lower than IVF and is also viewed as a less intrusive treatment when compared with IVF.

Aside from that, most general fertility clinic also will offer the egg freezing for the single woman. A lot of single women prefer to do this treatment to delay their pregnancy. The fertility clinic also will give the valuable egg freezing cost in a package for this kind of customer.

Why Italian Restaurants are So Popular in Malaysia

Italian restaurants continue to become a mainstay in the food scene of most countries and Malaysia is not an exemption. It is not a strange thing to come across a top Italian restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. Even though there are so many Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Mexican, and American cuisines, a countless number of people in Malaysia pay a hefty price to get a meal from an authentic Italian hotel. Some of them even travel several miles from their homes just to go for romantic dining at a particular Italian restaurant. You could be wondering why Italian restaurants are highly popular in Malaysia and other parts of the world.

High-Quality Meals

Top on the list is the high-quality meals that come with varying flavours. You will have fine dining in Kuala Lumpur because these hotels serve high-quality meals that comprise of the healthiest and freshest spices among other ingredients.

When you combine this with the best Italian food making procedures, you will discover that the meals have a very unique taste. For instance, you will rarely get hand-rolled meatballs in another place apart from an Italian fine dining restaurant. You will also enjoy 10-to-16 lasagna which is a unique Italian tiramisu for the people who love desserts.

dinner place in kl

Broad Range of Dishes

Italian restaurants also offer a broad range of dishes to choose from. You will get different sizes and types of pizzas, various sausages, and also all types of pasta that you can imagine. It tells you why Italian restaurants are the best options for happy hour in KL. If you don’t like one meal, there are so many others that you can select from. You can try a dish that you have never taken before and you will definitely be satisfied.

Imaginative and Creative

The other good thing about Italian restaurants is that they present their meals in creative and imaginative ways. For Italian chefs, all dishes are like an art work. You can get a restaurant producing 20-inch pizzas and infusing it with various meats, spices, sea foods, and vegetable that you have never thought of combining. 

The way they present the pizzas becomes hard to ignore and irresistible. Italian chefs prepare meals with passion and this makes each bite special. You can enjoy your meal from the best rooftop bar in Kuala Lumpur which enhances the experience further.

event space kuala lumpur

Large Food Serving

Italian restaurants are also renowned for their large food serving. The quantity of food offered is sufficient for two people or more. The cost of a single plate of Italian food costs more than an ordinary meal and will truly satisfy your appetite. This explains why Italian restaurants make the best dinner place in KL.

A single meal is stuffed with large volumes of tomatoes, cheese, choice cold cut, bell peppers, and potatoes. They also deliver some of the most carbohydrate-rich and most filling dishes globally. These restaurants are a great option if you are looking for the best cocktail bar in Malaysia.


Italian restaurants offer a jolly yet positive atmosphere. It is one of the best options for a KL nightlife. If you wish to loosen up or get away from your fast-paced life, Italian restaurants will be the best option for you. These restaurants are classy, quiet, and the best option for great-tasting food.

The staff and crew in the restaurants are always passionate, professional, and nice to their customers. The team makes sure that the place is pleasing and accommodating to their customers. It makes everyone feel relaxed through his or her stay in the restaurant. These restaurants also make the best weekend nightlife event in KL. You will not have any regrets as long as you make your choices wisely.

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How To Perfect Your Online Food Delivery Service Singapore

As the trend of cashless is emerging, the demand towards the online food delivery service has started to grow steadily. Most of the people are expecting delicious foods from restaurants with doorstep food delivery options. Food order online has an important place for every restaurant business.

The digital ordering culture also will increase your revenue, sales, and profit margin as well. This culture has completely transformed the way the restaurant deliver food. A lot of delivery platforms have reached the pinnacle of success as more and more customers rely on this service.

Nowadays every pizza restaurant is accepting online order pizza service. Some pizza restaurants perform the pizza home delivery service very well, but some are poor in performance and struck with high rentals lead them to the failure. Most of these owners are no idea about what they are doing with their business, and how to keep their customers.

Here are some tips that will help you to perfect your online food delivery service, and leave a good impression in every heart of your beloved customers. Be sure you take note every single tip below!

fast food restaurants in singapore

Develop your mobile apps

Before you start the apps development process, you must thoroughly understand your targeted audience. People who like to eat food from comfortable homes, people who are too busy to drive to restaurants and order, these could be your target audience.

So, the app must make ordering simple, paying safely and searching dishes easy. For people who like to eat from home, then you can add the service of “delivery food near me” in your apps, which could let them quickly get to your restaurant. Otherwise, you can also put your available famous pizza outlet in the pizza restaurant near me list in your apps to make your customer check which is the nearest for them.

fast food in singapore

Most preferred food item

You should also provide an option where the customer’s previous order log is saved to help them make the speed order because there are some top fast food selections customers will repeat order. You can improve the customer experience by providing fast orders for these customers.

By doing that, you can also track their past order, and recommend them which is the best pizza for them. If their experience is happy, they will more enjoy placing an order from your pizza restaurant in future.

Tracking by location

When people order, they usually are starving, and once they order, the tendency craves will increase. You can embed a GPS tracker in your application to help customers track their orders. It also allows your restaurant to charge by distance. You also can take a step ahead by notifying them through e-mail or their contact number.

best fast food singapore

Customer Feedback

Understand customer perceptions and expectations of the delivery service in Singapore is a necessity for improvement. No matter of pizza delivery Malaysia or Singapore, the feedback from the customer has always helped both of these country pizza deliveries provide the corresponding services for their subsequent visits.

Customer is able to provide reviews, ratings, and to share their photos and experience on ordering food. They will more feel like they are a part of your business eco-system, and their voices are important.

Integrate social media

It is hard to believe that anyone who is not on social media platforms. People like to share their food stories and moments on social media. A lot of people like to share their experience either they just having food from special Dominos pizza offer or mushroom soup on their social media account.

By providing social media integration as well as food distribution applications, you are helping your customers enhance the user experience. It is also an indirect way to market your services because social media can make things viral, which also includes your food ordering app. You can also use the social media platform as a promotion tool to tell the public you are offering the service of takeaway pizza near me.

Some of The Best Hotels in Malaysia For Family to Spend Their Time

Did you know, more than 12 million visitors are coming from the world to Kuala Lumpur? No one will argue with you when you say that hotel Kuala Lumpur is the top tourist destination in South-East Asia. Thanks to its rapid development, the city has increased its popularity massively.

More and more businessman and international chain choose to open up a hotel in Kuala Lumpur. There are so many options from budget to the best hotel with 5 stars rated and knowing that you will feel overwhelmed deciding where to stay in KL, read for more choosing the right hotel for yourself.

event space for rent kl

Tips When Choosing Hotel

When the word Kuala Lumpur is mentioned, everyone will probably think of one of the most famous landmarks first, which is KLCC. It is one of the tallest building ever in the world. Aside from that, this melting pot of culture is why it makes people from the world want to visit it.

From ancient Chines temples, majestic mosques and colourful Hindu shrines standing next to each other. The busy street and city life make up Kuala Lumpur When it compares to another modern city, Kuala Lumpur is more inexpensive in many opinions. If you don’t prefer a budget hotel, go to that higher-end as it can provide exceptional value and offer to you such as a hotel buffet in KL.

event space kl

Which Area to Stay?

The centre of Kuala Lumpur is most probably the exciting Bukit Bintang. It is the most popular area for tourist and visitors to stay in. There are all of the things you want from shopping, hotel buffet dinner promotion, entertainment that this magical place has to offer.

The wedding hotel packages price here is probably some of the best you can find in the country. For instance, excellent service that staff can provide that made people feel like they are at home. The feeling of being royalties are what you can expect when staying in a five-star hotel.

Wedding hotel packages Kuala Lumpur is also provided, as they are here to listen to your needs. In a usual scenario, they will come to your room with complimentary drinks, shoes polished and beds being made.

Some hotel chose to remain its old and classic elegance. The lobby of a luxury hotel must be grant and spacious enough and providing every imaginable comfort. Hotel rooms in these hotels give a big bathroom with bathtub and separate shower.

best hotel in kl

Other Choices

For those who prefer the mid-range price hotel. The boutique hotel is small and cosy. Modern design and comfortability in the room are a must for most people. The basic amenities include large screen TV, minibar, WiFi and a big transparent window.

Some people would prefer to stay at a house or condo with a Chinese restaurant that served with the best Tao Chinese cuisine menu in Kuala Lumpur instead of a hotel as they are more suitable for the family. The large apartments have two to three bedrooms with one to two bathrooms usually.

Modern condo and Chinese restaurant in Kuala Lumpur allow people to stay for short term and long term, as they also provide the kitchen with full set utensils with washer and dryer that can be very convenient.

Other than your Olympic size pool or infinity pool with the majestic view, children pools and playroom are essential as well. Gym and separate dance room are vital for you to get a good workout.

Some of the guests may also prefer they can get to the bar and pub within walking distance. Thankfully, most hotels have many bars and event space Kuala Lumpur nearby for the guest to spend.

แนะนำ 3 แลนด์มาร์กที่ห้ามพลาดเมื่อมาเยือนยังพัทยา

3 แลนด์มาร์กที่ห้ามพลาดเมื่อมาเยือนยังพัทยา

ทะเลพัทยา นอกจากจะเป็นทะเลและสถานที่ท่องเที่ยวที่มีชื่อเสียงระดับโลกแล้ว ฮอลิเดย์ อินน์ พัทยา ยังถือได้ว่าเป็น จุดหมายปลายทางที่หลาย ๆ คนมักนึกถึงเมื่อต้องการพักผ่อนในช่วงวันหยุดสั้น ๆ เพราะด้วยระยะทางที่ไม่ไกลจากกรุงเทพฯ มากนัก ใช้เวลาในการเดินทางประมาณ 2 ชั่วโมงเท่านั้น คุณก็จะได้พบกับเมืองตากอากาศที่ครองใจนักท่องเที่ยวอันดับต้น ๆ ของโลก ไม่ว่าจะเป็นนักท่องเที่ยวชาวยุโรปหรือนักท่องเที่ยวชาวจีนก็ต่างชื่นชอบและนิยมเดินทางมาพักผ่อนและท่องเที่ยวยังพัทยาอย่างแน่นขนัดตลอดทั้งปี และนอกจากเสน่ห์ของเหล่าที่พักโรงแรมติดทะเลพัทยา หรือแม้แต่โรงแรมใน terminal 21 พัทยา ที่ให้คุณได้เพลิดเพลินไปกับวิวทะเลอันแสนสวยงามของทะเลพัทยาแล้ว เมืองพัทยายังมีแลนด์มาร์กที่น่าสนใจอีกมากมายที่รอให้คุณได้ไปเช็คอิน จะมีแลนด์มาร์กที่ไหนที่คุณไม่ควรพลาดเมื่อมาเยือนยังพัทยาบ้างนั้น ตามไปดูกันเลย!

โรงแรม ติด ทะเล พัทยา

1.บ้านสุขาวดี พัทยา

คฤหาสน์หลังมหึมาที่ตกแต่งด้วยสีฟ้าตัดกับชมพู เหลืองสุดสดใส รายล้อมไปด้วยสวนดอกไม้สุดอลังการ บนพื้นที่กว่า 80 ไร่ ภายในประกอบไปด้วย 5 ส่วนใหญ่ ๆ ด้วยกัน ได้แก่ อาคารประชาสัมพันธ์, โดมพระ, อาคารเจ้าแม่กวนอิม, อาคารครัวของโลก,  อาคารแปดเหลี่ยม และอาคารไอริสโซเฟีย เป็นต้น นอกจากนี้ บ้านสุขาวดียังมีบุฟเฟ่ต์ซีฟู้ดพัทยาคอยให้บริการนักท่องเที่ยวที่มาเยือนอีกด้วย สำหรับใครที่กลัวว่าจะเดินชมความสวยงามไม่ครบและหิวซะก่อน ก็ไม่ต้องกังวลแต่อย่างใด

โรงแรม พัทยา ติด หาด

2. Frost Magical Ice of Siam

ยิ่งใหญ่ที่สุดในเอเชีย กับโดมประติมากรรมน้ำแข็งความเย็นกว่า -15 องศา ภายในมีการถ่ายทอดเรื่องราวเกี่ยวกับประวัติความเป็นมาของประเทศไทย รวมไปถึงเรื่องราวของวรรณคดีผ่านประติมากรรมน้ำแข็งที่หาชมได้ยาก ใครที่อยากจะพาลูก ๆ หลาน ๆ มาคลายร้อนช่วงปิดเทอมนี้ละก็ อย่าลืมแวะมาที่ Frost Magical Ice of Siam ที่พัทยา

รีสอร์ท ติด ทะเล พัทยา

3. ตลาดน้ำ 4 ภาค

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Tips on How to Pick The Right 5 Star Hotel for You In Pattaya

Pattaya, one of the most vibrant capital of Thailand that well-known with a lot of attractions visited by foreign tourists every year. This city is known as one of the places within Thailand, which is embracing the beautiful seaside view. Pattaya has become well-known as a top visitor hotspot in Thailand after Phuket.

Other than the appeal of radiant sandy seashores and happening nightlife, there are additionally a huge number of offices, eatery, and family-oriented attractions. From the simple and humble guesthouses to the most extravagant brand hotels, Pattaya offers various hotels in every price range to the tourists. If you are looking for a high-end, premium staying during your trip, then here is the things you may need to take a look before choosing the 5-star hotel in Pattaya.

best hotel in pattaya

Look at your purpose

When picking the which 5 star hotel in Pattaya, the first that has to come to your mind is your main purpose. Choosing the hotel by keeping your purpose in mind definitely will help you make a more accurate decision.

So, if you are the person that going Pattaya with your family and wanted to enjoy a wonderful family trip, then try to lock down your stay at the best family hotel that nearby the seaside. There is a lot of 5 stars best family hotel Pattaya that usually is located along the seaside.

If you are a clubbing person, then staying at the hotel along the beach road of South Pattaya may help you get your fix because a lot of well-know local clubs and pubs are around there.

5 star hotel in pattaya

Aside from nightlife, Pattaya seashore also recognized as the well-known wedding party venue for locals and foreigners. So if you want to leave the most memorable and surprising wedding party to your significant one, then take the wedding packages in Pattaya also could be the most ideal idea. Experience the most wonderful beach wedding Pattaya with your fiancée could be interesting and fun.

The cost of wedding packages in Pattaya usually is reasonable and affordable. Many seaside resorts in Pattaya will offer a special promotion for the people that looking for bead wedding Pattaya during the peak season.

Location of your hotel

Convenience is always one of the important things should keep in mind when you are planning to pick the hotel. If you do not have any budget limit, then staying at the 5-star hotel definitely will be a better choice for your whole trip.

A lot of popular seaside premium hotel in Pattaya usually is not far from the major attractions. So if you are visiting Pattaya is for pampering yourself, then make your stay at some extravagant brand hotels will be better for you.

family hotel pattaya

By staying at these premium hotels, you will have the chance to enjoy the unique bbq seafood buffet Pataya. Staying at these premium hotels you can likewise be guaranteed the best entertainment and eating choices are rarely far away.

A lot of popular bbq seafood buffet Pataya could be found around the seaside. They all can be found  either is within the hotel or just only need you a short leave from your hotel.

Review the facilities

When it is hard for you to make the decision, then you can try to look at what the facilities are available in the hotel. If you are travelling with your family, you may want a chill time with your children by swimming in the pool, then pick the hotel has a swimming pool. If you are a workout person, then try to pick the hotel that owns a gym within the premise.

Considerations You Should Know When Choosing A Bangkok Hotel

Choosing the right hotel could be a very daunting experience. There are many factors to consider if you are getting ready for a long-awaited holiday trip. The factors can be included with the hotel price, location, facility, environment, and so on.

Some people are perfectly happy and enjoy the boutique hotel service. While there is still got other people to want extra luxury hotel services, and completely unique and different from other Bangkok hotel.

Different people come with a different need. The quality of your accommodation can either make or break your trip experience very depends on your decision. In order to guarantee that you will have the best trip experience, here are some considerations you should take into account.

hotels near skytrain bangkok

Location is the king

Most of the time, the location of the hotel you picked maybe the most crucial consideration. The location of the hotel you want to pick it is where you want to be close. If you are planning to visit some famous shopping mall in Bangkok, then an ideal idea is to set your foot in a hotel near Skytrain Bangkok.

A lot of shopping malls located in the centre of the city is very highly accessible by taking public transport. Staying at Bangkok hotel near BTS will help you save a lot of times. Not only that, but you can also travel to a few famous Bangkok restaurant by taking the bts Bangkok.

bangkok hotel near bts station

Rating of hotel

The rating of the hotel also can be considered as the reputation of the hotel. Make sure to check out the status of the hotel that will stay in, and make sure it is not gay-friendly hotel if you are not very like to accept this culture. Try to compare a few different hotel options with each other, and listen to the recommendation from others to help you make a wise decision. Learn more here!

Internet connection

Check the Bangkok hotel will charge extra for Wifi connection, and be sure to look into other additional fees you may end up paying while you are using their facility. Wifi is the most general add-on fee to consider, so if you know you need to keep in touch during your stay, be sure not to ignore it.

bangkok hotels

Eatery options

Be sure to ask if breakfast is free and, if not, what is the cost. If you don’t want to go out for dinner every night, you may also want to see what restaurant options are in the hotel. Be sure that the hotel you look has its own in-house restaurant.


You will also need to make sure the hotel has onsite service. Does the hotel offer fitness facilities, swimming pool, or spa room? All of these can enrich your trip if you are looking for and help make your stay more comfortable.

Modern hospitable people usually will understand the importance of services and different amenities to their customers. In the fierce-competition industry, hotels often will provide special services and facilities.

For example, if you are travelling for business, the room you stay must have an internet connection and Wifi to easy you reply to the email of your client. Besides that, there are many hotels in Bangkok like Hotel Indigo Bangkok that provide professional guided tour facilities for foreign tourists to prevent any deception or deception of local wet people.