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The eyes are responsible for all information our brain receives. The images we see comes from the light and reflected from the objects that we see, and that light is then turned into signals that our brain reads and understands. 30 million people in the world are blind, and 75% can be cured and prevented. Photorefractive keratectomy and laser-assisted sub-epithelial keratectomy are laser eye surgery to correct a person’s vision and for a person to reduce its dependency on using glasses or contact lenses. 

Signs of eye problems

Ophthalmologist in Kuala Lumpur is one of the best doctors at Ikonik Centre who practice LASIK eye surgery or more recognized as laser surgery. Most of their doctors have a wealthy experience when it comes to the said procedures. People who are always exposed to gadgets, TV screens, computer monitors are more often causes eye problems. It starts from a little bit of a headache, becoming dizzy sometimes and later on begins to experience blurry or cloudy vision form your eyes. This is one of the signs that the person is having an eye disease.

Eye problems and diseases

 And one of the many is what they call cataracts. It is the clouding of the eye lenses that affects vision and can also lead to blindness when disregarded. The next one is a refractive error, it is an eye disorder being caused by irregularity in the shape of the eye. This makes your eyes difficult to focus on things you want to see clearly. Trachoma is being known when the eyelashes turning inwards and causing the scraping of the eye.

Most Common Eye Problems - Signs, Symptoms & Treatment | IrisVision

One of the common eye diseases experienced by old people is glaucoma. It is when fluids build up inside the eye and make the pressure that can damage the optic nerve if it’s not treated can cause irreversible blindness. Lastly, it’s astigmatism or doctors call it a refractive error, it is the imperfection in the curvature of the eye’s cornea or lens. Normal cornea and lens are smooth and curved equally in all directions.

It takes minutes to cure it

Lasik eye surgery in Malaysia is very popular when it comes to eye laser treatment surgery to correct vision problems. Lasik surgery is a special type of precise laser-assisted operation in the modification of the cornea and other eye problems. During operation, eye drops are given to numb the eye, and may start to feel pressure and discomfort but won’t feel any pain. Although it can change your visions as the surgeon modifies the tissues of the eyes and it can only last for 20 minutes, while most of the time is spent getting set up for surgery. 

eye specialist malaysia

Eye specialist in Malaysia also explains that after the LASIK surgery is performed, patients start to experience a little burning in the eyes in few hours but won’t last long, and in some cases, patients won’t experience pain or discomfort as the eye heals. Ophthalmologists in Kuala Lumpur also explain that most of their patient’s feedbacks after the LASIK surgery was, they were able to see more clearly than before, even without glasses or contacts, and has a close to perfect vision the day when their eyes healed. That’s why LASIK surgery in Malaysia is very popular since it doesn’t take long to gain clear sight and patients will notice exactly the difference in visual clarity in a few hours.

Things To Consider When Buying Online Furniture Malaysia

Shopping online brings a lot of benefits to customers such as convenience, cheaper, more choices and many more. More businesses are adopting the online platform because of the demand for online shopping. Customers are able to go online to shop for furniture Malaysia.

Many customers are worried about shopping online because the product might not turn out as it is. However, many online businesses offer a return policy when customers are dissatisfied with the product. It is certainly trustable to buy furniture at Cellini Malaysia

Technology is improving day by day; the latest service business offer is customization. Customers are able to shop custom made furniture to own design at any designer furniture Malaysia. On the configuration page, customers are able to custom on design, texture, colours and many more. 

designer furniture

Some customers prefer to shop at physical stores because a person is able to feel the product. There are many physical shops available in Malaysia. Businesses are adopting the online platform to reach a wider audience. Moreover, some business is able to open more shop to offer fast delivery to customers. For instance, the furniture shop in Kuala Lumpur caters the Kuala Lumpur residence.

Types of Sofa Set In Malaysia

There are many types of sofa set Malaysia such as rectangular, L shape, leather, fabrics and many more. However, the texture or shapes of the sofa is made for a particular purpose. For instance, an L shape sofa offers a selection of sitting or lying down. Moreover, the L shape is able to save more space. 

There is two popular sofa texture that many customers buy which are leather and fabric. A leather sofa is more comfortable and better looking. However, the leather texture requires more attention such as frequent polish and cleaning.

Many customers buy fabric sofa Malaysia because is easy to maintain and longer-lasting. Moreover, fabric texture is much cheaper to buy compared to leather. Many furniture businesses offer maintenance services for customers. Most of the cleaning services of sofa Malaysia offer 2 years cleaning service.

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Common Dining Table in Malaysia

In Malaysia, marble and wood are the most common dining table set Malaysia. Most of the time in Malaysia, the weather is rather hot. Therefore, marble material is always cold to the touch. However, the younger generation prefers modern dining table Malaysia. The modern designs have more sharp edges and elegant designs. 

Furniture Shop in Penang and Johor Bahru

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