Top Tips for Moving Around Bangkok During Your Vacation

Bangkok is one of the largest and busiest cities around the world. Therefore, moving around the city can be a challenging thing for even the most seasoned travellers. However, with an icy bottle of water, cool heart, some patience, and forward planning, you will run across this town before you even realize. You will always long for the time to move out of the Bangkok city hotel and explore the area. Here are some of the tips that will see you through this busy city. You need a transport mode that will get you even to the best bar with a panoramic view of Bangkok if that is where you would like to visit.

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1.       Avoid Tuk-Tuk Scams

Tuk-tuks are three-wheeled motorized taxis that give travellers readily available and quick way of getting around the city of Bangkok. However, don’t allow the ’20 baht’ offer for the full day city tour tempt you. Some drivers will take you from one overprices and dull venue to another. They are in partnership with some malls and if you purchase something, they earn a nice commission. You can get better shopping and private dining Bangkok deals. Therefore, don’t allow yourself to get into a scam by hiring tuk-tuks for the whole day.

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2.       Use the Bangkok Skytrain and the Newly Opened Underground

The BTS Skytrain and subway network provide the fastest way to move around Bangkok. If you want to avoid the famous Bangkok traffic jams and get across the town in a hurry, this transport system will serve you well. You can take a taxi to the nearest station and board the Skytrain. You will have a guarantee of an air-conditioned ride. You can stay at a luxury serviced apartment Bangkok that is close to the station for easy access. You will share this ride with thousands of commuters and even if you don’t get a sit, it is better than staying in the long traffic jams. It is the best solution if you are getting late to get to a meeting room Bangkok.

3.       Chao Phraya Ferry Service

This is the other form of transport that you need to try while looking for the best stay in Bangkok. It is a great way to get a scenic journey across the town. The main river operates several ferry services and you can try out one of them as it winds its way through Bangkok. You can get a view of this from the sky bar hotel Bangkok. It is one of the stress-free and most relaxing ways to get around Bangkok. You will also view a terrific blend of new and old architecture as you pass by the humble wooden abodes and sweeping skyscrapers. There are several ferry-stops along the river and they are mapped on the Bangkok map. If you are not sure of the desired destination, the other commuters can advise you accordingly. You can even get one that will take you to the closest event space Bangkok if that you desire. Therefore, you will not get stuck when using the Chao Phraya Ferry service.

4.       Taxis

Even though taxis are cheap in Bangkok, you have to bear with the traffic as it moves quite slowly. The good thing about most taxis in Bangkok is that they are comfortable and reliable. To get across the down during the peak hours, make sure you leave from the service apartment Bangkok early enough. You will not go through the nightmare of sticking in the notorious traffic jams. Besides, get a taxi driver that uses a meter and not the ones who set a fixed fee. You don’t want an option that will cost you a lot of money. The taxi can get you anywhere in the city including at the doorstep of the best spa massage place in Bangkok.

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