The Things You Should Know Before You Do IVF Treatment In Malaysia

In this era, infertility is a very general phenomenon that happens on a couple, affecting around 4 in 10 couples. The invention of IVF treatment has totally revolutionized the chance of pregnancy.  More and more people are showing their positive view of this treatment.


There are many reasons that people to do IVF treatment,  for example, maybe the receiver is a single woman, or having any genetic disease that might cause them hard to get pregnant. If you are one of them, then you probably need to know about what is IVF treatment. Here are the things you should acknowledge before you do this treatment.

IVF requires time and work

The whole process of IVF can be time-consuming, from the sperm test to getting the embryo can probably take like 1 to 2 month. Before you get the treatment, you also need to consult for the advice from IVF specialist, you will need to pay a few times of the visit KL Fertility clinic.

Successful rate of IVF

The success rate of fertility treatment can be very dependable. There are a lot of factors that will directly or indirectly influence the result. One of the most common factors that will affect the IVF result is the age of the patient. The woman who age above 40 years old that does the IVF usually will have less chance in success.

The factor will affect the IVF result


Asides from bodyweight that can be indicated with Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator, the age of female also could be one of the factors. According to the report of best-authorized fertility centre Malaysia, the IVF success rate for a woman that using own egg was 48 per cent for a woman under age 35, and drop to only 3 per cent for a woman who is over age 42. This drastically dropping has shown that the success rate who woman who over age 42 usually is very less. IVF does not guarantee that you will get pregnant all time!

But it doesn’t mean that there is no hope if you are doing research well.  If your odds of achieving pregnancy through IVF is very low, then you can consider other options as well. What you need to do is identify your symptom before you get the treatment.

When you are deciding to look for a solution, then you might need to ask the advice from infertility treatment specialist. Of course, the IVF cost for consulting the expert also will be higher than a usual clinic.


Thre are many signs of symptom that happen on your body could be mean you need to make some adjustments due to disorder of woman hormone. For example, the sign of polycystic ovarian syndrome usually incorporates with skin break out or a focal weight of the body. PCOS is a very general metabolic issue for the above-average age ladies. It would be best if you got your health in check beforehand.

polycystic ovarian syndrome

Attribution of male sperm

Sometimes, the success rate of IVF also related to the attribution of male sperm. There are many male patients also having the problem of lacking in sperm, and most recommended advice to give is try to do a sperm test before the IVF.

The average sperm test cost in Malaysia usually is charged around Rm 100 to Rm 120, and the way of charging can depend on the type of clinic.  Male fertility test has become a very general test for a couple before they do the IVF.


What is endometriosis? It is a symptom that cause woman result in infertility and fail in conception.  If you want to identify whether you have this health issue, an ideal solution is to make an appointment with the endometriosis specialist.


Type of treatment

Instead of IVF, there are still many treatments offered in a fertility clinic. The most general treatment you can find in a fertility clinic is IUI treatment. The IUI cost usually will be lower than IVF and is also viewed as a less intrusive treatment when compared with IVF.

Aside from that, most general fertility clinic also will offer the egg freezing for the single woman. A lot of single women prefer to do this treatment to delay their pregnancy. The fertility clinic also will give the valuable egg freezing cost in a package for this kind of customer.

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