Have a Fun and Relaxing Stay in Hotel Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is the largest city in the northern region of Thailand which offers traditional food and item, affordable stays, must-do stuff and etc. In Chiang Mai, tourist is able to experience the feel of Thailand such as elephants, hotel Chiang Mai, Thai massage, traditional food, night markets and many more. The place has so much to offer hence it really boils down to an individual of what he or she aims when travelling in Chiang Mai

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The Architecture Personality Travelers

Many tourists travel down to Thailand to see the beautiful architecture of the temples. One of the oldest temples in Chiang Mai is in the old city where it is surrounded by ancient walls and the moat. The place is also filled with historical buildings and old shophouses with many may enjoy the beautiful atmosphere and wonder site seeing. 

Therefore, if you are a traveler who enjoys architecture do book a hotel Chiang Mai to have the beautiful experience of the buildings in Thailand. Moreover, when traveling in Chiang Mai it is a must to visit the 8th-century Haripunchai Kingdom which is famous for the stone tables and Buddhist sculptures. 

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Chiang Mai Cuisine for Foodies

There so many exquisite foods to try while having a vacation in Chiang Mai. That being said if you enjoy trying new food Thailand’s street food is one of the best to try. Therefore, do find luxury stay in Chiang Mai that has many food stalls in the surrounding area. 

Tom Yam, Pad Thai, Som Tum and many more dishes tourists must try when in Thailand. Well, when having a vacation in Chiang Mai and you are a foodie do lookout for hotels to stay in Chiang Mai with much local food. That is because an individual is able to taste the most authentic food in Thailand when nearer to the city.

The Shopper Traveler

One of the famous things many people do while in Thailand is the night market. If you are a type who loves shopping, stay any hotel near night market bazaar which is very convenient for shoppers. That is because, after a long walk in the night market, an individual is able to return back to the hotel easily.

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The night market has so much to offer such faked branded items, food, leather goods and many more. Many previous tourists said that the fake branded items look as original as the real thing. The tip is to bargain for the lowest price with the seller in which most of the seller is willing to give. That is because many sellers are selling the product at a relatively high price. Therefore, choose any hotel near night market bazaar either boutique or chain hotels.

Relaxing and Natural Vibe

Yes, Chiang Mai is one of the largest cities in the north of Thailand. There is still a natural area like a river and mountains. For instance, one may book accommodation in Chiang Mai at the mountain to enjoy the cool breeze, birds chirping, and the beautiful scenery. 

Moreover, one may also enjoy the scenery near the famous river in Chiang Mai. The experience is to get away from the city and enjoy the cool river water. The best thing is that there is a perfect place to stay in Chiang Mai near the famous river. Moreover, the place is near to the shophouses and architecture buildings.

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