Enjoy A Solo Trip While Staying In Pattaya Beach Resort

If you are feeling comfortable taking a solo trip, Pattaya in Thailand will be the right place for you. Pattaya (Sin City) is an infamous part beach town on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand and has a population of around 320,000 people.

You definitely can have a hostel-hopping in Pattaya, since there are a lot of Pattaya beach resorts. Finding the best hotel to stay in Pattaya will bring you a holiday for you to seek out some sun, water sport activities and explore more food trips.

Can you imagine that sipping tropical drinks from a lounge chair or enjoy the best seafood buffet in Pattaya? Then you probably good to seek out the best beach hotel to enjoy their excellent customer services, tons of amenities and meet people around. The most important is never regretting that you didn’t bring a partner! Here are some tips about how you enjoy a solo trip to Pattaya.

best hotel in pattaya near beach

1. Adrenaline Rush With Water Sports

To try water sporting in Pattaya, you don’t have to learn the best swimming skill as long as you follow the guild lines from their instructors. You can stay at a Holiday Inn Pattaya resort near the beach to have these water sports.

best beach hotel pattaya

Mostly every Pattaya beach resort will offer a water sport package such as scuba diving, paddling, banana boat ride, jet-ski and surfing. Don’t worry if you are alone because water sporting is providing an excellent chance to meet new people and get to know about new customs and cultures.  If you are more of a laidback person, you can choose waterpark to have in a more controlled environment.

2. Research The Accommodation Prices And Plan Your Trip

Try to imagine that your trip will not be successful because no one can give you a helping hand. It is essential to prepare your itinerary; planning ahead of time never hurt anybody. Research and compare the prices of standard best beach hotels and activities in Pattaya to avoid you to be shocked when you are already there.

Remember to check out the list of emergency telephone numbers in Pattaya such as police, ambulance, fire and tourist police. A small tip for you, get the list to find out who to call in an emergency from a terminal 21 hotel.

3. Book Your Room In Advance

Some people may want to choose a hotel or resort to stay on the spot; however, you can’t get a budget hotel room with quality accommodation and best Italian restaurant in Pattaya during the peak tourist season.

It couldn’t be better to have BBQ seafood buffet Pattaya in the hotel. Therefore to book a place in advance to ensure you access to excellent customer service and complete amenities.

best italian restaurant pattaya

4. Pattaya Is Known Because of Its Nightlife

Be careful around the Beach Road or Walking Street when walking at night since you go there for a solo trip. Of course, you can take a stroll through Walking Street to have a look at this one of the largest and red-light districts in the world. You can have an alcoholic drink at a night club or bar after a seafood buffet to avoid you get drunk quickly

5. Don’t Miss Out On Food

Although you can’t share the food on food street with others, however, you can have a bbq seafood buffet Pattaya because of there a variety of fresh seafood for you to eat as much as you can!

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